Our Personal Trainer tailors specialized exercise and movement programs to tighten and tone the skin, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and cellulite, improve endurance, and improve cardiovascular function.  Reach your 100% potential!

Following assessment from our Personal Trainer Lonneke; she will decide the best exercise plan for your needs depending on the goals, age and injuries you may have. The purpose of this process is for long-term benefits so exercise plans and movement programs may change week to week depending on results desired and capability. Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Oxygen Saturation are some of the tools that may be used previous or during the exercise sessions to work safely and effectively towards health and fitness goals.  The personal trainer will discuss the amount of sessions required and for how long to give you the greatest results.

  • Sessions available 1-5x a week
  • Each session is 60mins
  • Take home program given after third session
  • Measurements and body assessments made
  • Exercise given can be for gym, home or outside