March 9th, 2024

Maracuya sounds like a fancy dance, but in fact it is just the antioxidant rich passionfruit!

I was interested to discover that this fruit was named passion fruit due to back in the 1500’s, when priest’s first saw this plant they thought that because of the way the passion flower looked that it symbolized the “passion of Christ”. A very beautiful looking flower for a beautiful tasting fruit!

While Maracuya does not originate from Mexico it is one of the many exotic fruits you can find growing in tropical and semi-tropical parts of Mexico, such as Oaxaca and the Yucatán Península. There are several varieties of Maracuya with the most typical varieties here in Mexico being the yellow or purple skinned varieties. Once opened the color of the fruit intensifies and so do the nutritional benefits!

Maracuya is very high in antioxidants, as this refreshing fruit contains high levels of Vitamin C, Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), and polyphenols which are plant chemicals that have very high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Due to this fruit being high in these antioxidants, there are so many benefits when it comes to supporting your immune system, eye sight, inflammatory conditions and even antiaging!

Antioxidants are mostly found in plant foods like Maracuya, in general the brighter the color the more antioxidants the fruit will have. Antioxidants are stable molecules that have the ability to slow damage done to our cells by its rival unstable molecule’s - free radicals. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radical in our body, boosting overall health and longevity.

In particular, the Vitamin C found in Maracuya, works as an important antioxidant in your diet to increase white blood cells, which are the cells needed to protect and enhance your immune system, lowering your chances of getting cold and flu symptoms.  While the Beta Carotene in Maracuya gets converted to Vitamin A in the body where it is utilized for improving and preserving eyesight. In addition, due to the high antioxidant properties of the Maracuya it plays a significant role in reducing overall inflammation in the body, whereby aiding in reducing inflammatory conditions and symptoms in asthma, osteoarthrosis as well as slowing the aging process.

With all of these fantastic health benefits, what other excuse do you need to eat this sweet tarty fruit?!

When selecting the best Maracuya, always look for fruit with a smooth skin and with a deep yellow or deep purple color, the deeper the color the more antioxidants it will contain. If there are green spots it is not fully ripened so will not yield the optimal antioxidant count. Older fruit will have already lost some antioxidant value, and this can be identified by a lot of brown spots or wrinkled texture on the skin.

To find out about the beauty and antiaging benefits of antioxidants, and which foods to find them in, look out for my new book being launched in August, which includes more tasty recipes high in antioxidants.


Written by Lonneke Botello Hernandez


Lonneke Botello Hernandez is a Clinical Nutritionist, specializing in Beauty and Antiaging Nutrition, with over thirteen years of clinical experience, she has helped countless people to enhance and improve their long-term health and wellbeing, as well as aid in slowing the signs of aging through individualized dietary advice.  Lonneke´s new book is set to release in August, pre-sales will be available soon.

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Enjoy this refreshing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory drink.


Serves: 2 glasses

2 ripe Maracuyas/Passion fruit

1 cup frozen mango pieces

2 oranges (for juice)

1 cup crushed ice

2 cups chilled sparkling mineral water

Mint leaves in drink and to serve


Start by placing the mango pieces with the juice from two oranges, and a few mint leaves into a blender and blend well. Pour into two serving glasses and spoon in the pulp of the Maracuya evenly into each glass. Top the glass with sparkling water, a little ice and a few leaves of fresh mint. Enjoy the refreshing, antioxidant packed fizz!