Hi, Hola, Kia Ora, I´m a Clinical Nutritionist specializing in Beauty and Antiaging Nutrition. My passion is to spread health, wellness, beauty, and happiness all over the world, and help people like yourself to feel and look great by being healthy from the inside out!

The field of beauty and antiaging nutrition has become a speciality due to demand, with more exciting information awaiting discovery. Do you desire to not only look and feel great but understand what foods/nutrients and lifestyle factors can help slow the aging process and why?

What you put into your body will determine what you get out if it, and this includes slowing the signs of aging. In fact it has been said that 80-90% of skin aging is caused by diet and lifestyle, which means we have a 80-90% chance to positively affect this process. Beauty Nutrition is about eating foods or key nutrients that can have a direct impact on the rate at which your skin and body ages, and as a bonus the more beauty nutrients you eat, the more they can contribute to your longevity, and improved quality of life!

Beauty Nutrition is about eating, thinking, and living beautifully to best balance the body. I am excited to announce my new book - The Food Fountain of Youth - due to be launched in August 2024 in New Zealand/Aotearoa and September 2024 in Mexico, follow my Facebook El enlace externo abre una nueva pestaña o ventana.Lonneke BH - Author and Instagram page to discover more El enlace externo abre una nueva pestaña o ventana.lonneke_bh


Look and feel healthy from the inside out and live a gorgeous, luscious, glowing life!

In The Food Fountain of Youth, you’ll discover:
– the causes of aging,
– thirty-plus amazing antiaging nutrients and how they are processed in the body,
– the best and tastiest ways of absorbing these nutrients,
– lifestyle factors that affect beauty and aging,
– thirty-seven age-defying recipes, and
– a weekly beauty meal plan.

You can find out more about me in the ABOUT section. If you are searching for foods to eat for your specific health concern please book in a consult with me click on the button below, I look forward to enhancing your health and beauty!