This European treatment stimulates your body’s ability to increase collagen production, eliminate fat cells and reduce cellulite, to recontour your most wanted shape.



Mesotherapy is a technique originally invented in France and used to rejuvenate the skin by injecting the skin with Vitamins, Enzymes or Peptides solutions to tighten skin, remove excess fat and improve the overall signs of skin aging. Doctor Jose Asgard will use the Micro Needling technique of injecting very fine needles to into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin with a mixture of compounds in minute doses, directly over/near the affected sites. This stimulates circulation, lymphatic flow, oxygen, and nutrients to be transported into the cells in order to help correct underlying issues like poor circulation and inflammation that cause skin damage, and cellulite. Can also help with skin firming and muscle toning, as well as regeneration of tissue on stretch marks and scars. Results can be seen between three to eight sessions depending on the desired results.