The most popular, natural looking, non-surgical approach to a face, neck, tummy, or butt lift, appear more youthful-looking without appearing like you’ve had work done!


Sculptra Aesthetic is the number one FDA-approved injectable bio stimulator that gradually helps to replace lost collagen, with results lasting up to two years plus! 

This treatment works with your body within the deep dermis to help revitalize collagen, elastin, and fibrin production and help restore the skin’s inner structure and volume, working on the underlying structure of the skin in order to diminish facial wrinkles, tighten, and lift the skin, improve skin texture and quality, and give the skin a radiant glow, looking younger every month!

Sculptra Aesthetic is injected into the area being treated with a biocompatible, biodegradable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator. As the PLLA microparticles are gradually and naturally absorbed by the body, they help to stimulate collagen production. Collagen being an important protein in the body, is used to form a framework to support cell and tissue, and these rebuilt collagen strands begin to gradually help to restore facial volume and the look of fullness to wrinkles and folds. 

The Doctor will assess your area of concern and may recommend two to six treatments, over a period of a few months, this is depending on the area, how much collagen has been lost and the result desired.

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